As we add and update questions and answers in this FAQ, 十大外围app将标记哪些项目已添加或更新在过去14天内,让您更容易发现最新的内容. 只要找有标记的项目就行了 or 更新.


Who is the Primary Point of Contact for Boarding Student information? Who do parents contact with questions?

Your primary point of contact is the TAC Officer of your son's company.


Will there be some type of regular (weekly) communication with cadet families?

是的, there will be a weekly email to all cadet families with information and updates.


How do I address mail and care packages to my cadet?

All of our cadets enjoy getting care packages from home! Below are the addresses you can use for sending mail and packages to your cadet:

Address for 军官学校学生 Mail (Letters, Envelopes, Magazines, etc.)

军官学校学生 *姓*名
公司 (i.e., Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, or Delta)
P.O. 278箱
分叉联盟,VA 23055


P.O. 278箱
分叉联盟,VA 23055


(Packages sent via USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL)

军官学校学生 *姓*名
*公司名称* 公司 (i.e., Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, or Delta)
分叉联盟,VA 23055


分叉联盟,VA 23055


Can I send food items to my cadet in a care package?

是的! 学员们喜欢家里的食物. But you might want to send enough to share, because you can be sure your son will receive some peer pressure in that regard! 也, 一定要为任何食物提供密封的储存容器,这样食物就可以安全地储存在他的房间里.



What items are NOT allowed for cadets to have?


  1. 手机
  2. Tobacco, dip, electronic cigarettes
  3. Powder drinks, weight gainer, protein, creatine, or supplement powder
  4. 打牌,掷骰子,棋盘游戏
  5. 漱口水和酒精
  6. Food with shells (sunflower seeds)
  7. 口香糖
  8. 任何一种喷雾罐
  9. 口袋刀
  10. 相机
  11. Thumb drives, CDs/DVDs, computer games
  12. 打火机
  13. 钱在40美元.00
  14. 即时液体鞋油
  15. iPods with Wi-Fi capabilities or cameras
  16. No hot plates or devices that heat liquid
  17. 电热毯
  18. 插电式空气清新剂
  19. 在宿舍外面做“破布”
  20. Vitamins or medicine unless approved by infirmary
  21. Glass items, jars, drinking glasses, or glass bowls

The above list is not all-inclusive. If you have any questions whether an item is permitted on campus, you may ask the TAC Officer of your son's company.



I'm not sure that my cadet got all of required uniform items. 十大外围app该怎么办?

在每年的年初, there are many uniform items that may be delayed in being issued to students. This may include clothing items that need to be altered to size by our seamstress, 或逾期订购或尚未到达十大外围app霍夫曼供应中心的物品.

在开学的日子里,十大外围app为等待领取校服的学生提供住宿. 你不需要采取任何行动,直到你的学员的战术官或军需官告诉他到霍夫曼供应中心来取他的制服.

如果你有任何问题或顾虑希望提请史蒂夫·威尔逊少校注意, 十大外围app的军需官, 你可以通过电子邮件与他联系 wilsons@fuma.org


The uniform my cadet was issued doesn't fit. 十大外围app该怎么办?

偶尔会有一些错误的大小,每个学员和一个年轻人可能收到一些制服不适合. 学员只需要向霍夫曼供应中心报告并让十大外围app的军需官知道这个问题. 十大外围app的军需官将协助学员获得更合身的制服.

十大外围app建议你的学员把标签留在制服上,直到你知道它们是否合适, so that they can be exchanged if needed.

如果你有任何问题或顾虑希望提请史蒂夫·威尔逊少校注意, 十大外围app的军需官, 你可以通过电子邮件与他联系 wilsons@fuma.org


Are cadets being issued black face masks to wear?

是的, 军需官应发给每位登船学员三个黑色面罩,他每天轮流使用. He will be expected to have one to wear and one extra to carry with him, either in a pocket or in his backpack. 第三个, 他前一天穿的衣服, will be collected each morning and washed by our Infirmary and returned.


Will cadets receive laptops and backpacks?

是的, 每个9-12年级的学员都要到珀金斯技术中心报到,在开学前几天安排发放笔记本电脑和背包.

中学生, 在老师的要求下, will likely be receiving their laptops later than our high school students. They will still be able to pick up their backpack at the Perkins 技术中心. 稍后,他们将被告知何时返回帕金斯技术中心,以便获得一台笔记本电脑.



How can I learn what classes my son is taking and how he is doing academically?

外围体育 uses the PowerSchool父母门户 to provide parents access to grades and schedule information online.



If you have any issues or questions in accessing your PowerSchool account, you may email our Perkins 技术中心 at it@fuma.org.



What will my son be doing after class time ends in the afternoon?

The afternoon activities schedule depends on the day of the week.

Mondays and Wednesdays are "Drill Days.这意味着在课程结束和体育运动开始这段时间内, 十大外围app的学员正在参加训练, 钻, (二)在总指挥部监督下的学员团的其他活动.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are "Non-Drill Days.在这些日子里, 在下午的体育训练之前,学员将能够得到十大外围app的教员的“额外帮助”的帮助和辅导.


What time does my son's athletic team practice (Fall Season)?

体育运动 is a mandatory activity for all cadets. 每个运动队都有一个固定的训练时间表,应该保持相当一致, though may be subject to occasional variation as determined by the coaches.


  • PG足球:1430到1700
  • PG篮球:1505到1700
  • 预备足球:1445年到1700年
  • 足球:1450年至1630年
  • 越野:1455到1630
  • 淡季体育 & 中学生:1500到1630人


在演习日(星期一) & Wednesdays) the fall practice schedule is as follows:

  • PG足球:1505到1700
  • PG篮球:1505到1700
  • 准备足球:1505到1700
  • 足球:1510到1630
  • 越野:1510到1630
  • 淡季体育 & 中学生:1515年到1630年


Business Office / Tuition and Fee Accounts / Allowances


You may direct your questions to Mrs. Jessica Maddox who handles all Accounts Receivable in our Business Office. 她的电子邮件地址是 maddoxj@fuma.org 她的直接电话号码是


How can I provide my cadet some allowance/spending money?

你可以寄一张以学员姓名为抬头人的支票,每次不得超过40美元(学员最多可携带40美元现金)。. He can then cash that check at our Business Office.

您还可以为您的儿子提供一张借记卡,在埃斯蒂斯餐厅的校园自动柜员机上使用. 十大外围app的ATM是通过BB操作的&T银行(诚信金融). 你可能希望获得一张借记卡,你可以轻松地增加资金和监控你的学员的交易, such as debit cards from Greenlight (http://www.greenlightcard.com).


Can I pay the incidental expenses (such as uniforms, fees, etc.) with a different form of payment than my tuition payments?

是的, 杂费可以通过不同的信用卡或银行账户自动支付,而不是用于支付学费.

所有附带发票都被添加到父母的FACTS账户中,这样就可以向该账户支付小额款项,直到付清余额为止. 所以你可以使用多个信用卡、支票或储蓄账户来支付这些发票.

您需要手动进行较小的支付,点击“支付”按钮在您的事实帐户, then on the next screen you would pick the last payment option named "Other Amount." Then you can pick which invoice you would like to pay and how much to pay. Then click the "Next-Payment Method" at the bottom (it should highlight green). Enter the payment details and you should be ready to complete the payment.




由于新冠肺炎疫情的限制,十大外围app关闭了校园的饮水机. Each cadet is issued a personal canteen to use for hydration throughout the day. 如果学生把水壶系在腰带上坐在课桌上感到不舒服,他们就可以把它放在背包里. The canteen can be refilled at a number of locations on campus as needed.


Do you have any specific COVID-19 guidance for cadets to follow?

We are working to provide as safe a "bubble" environment for our cadets as possible, especially during our first two weeks of school in August. We are enforcing strict distancing and mask wearing guidelines for all on campus, and we are restricting the movement of cadets off-campus during these opening days.

如果十大外围app能在新学年的前两周为十大外围app的学员保持一个安全的校园“泡沫”, 接下来的几个月,十大外围app将有很长的路要走,才能创造一个安全的环境.

至于其他建议, 十大外围app敦促所有人回顾并遵循医务室的指导,十大外围app已经在网站的“准备”页面上发布了该指导 http://www.tasarimstore.com/ready.

你也可以 view and download that PDF file from the Infirmary at this link.