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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is the organization representing all former cadets who attended the Academy, regardless of whether they graduated from Fork Union or merely attended one year.

Currently, the Academy has a record of over 8,400 members. We are constantly striving to keep alumni and friends informed, and engaged with the Academy, as well as keeping former classmates in touch with one another. If you are not receiving any publications or correspondence from the Academy, we ask that you contact the Director of Alumni Affairs Vashon Hubert at 434.842.4371 or email us at to update your information.

Alumni Association Board


J. Paul Mosley, Class of 2005

George K. Anas, Class of 1983
Past President 

Michael T. Whitmore, Class of 1983​
Internal Vice President

Sam Howard, Class of 1973
External Vice President

Edward C. Jones, Class of 2010
Vice President-Elect

大卫. D. Elliott, Class of 2004​


Stephen Ashby, Class of 1994
Mark L. Bass, Class of 1983
Frank Brewster, Class of 1964
Chris B. Coleman, Class of 1987
Granville Craddock, Class of 1953
Joseph Craft, Class of 1984
Christopher Douglas, Class of 1990
大卫 Hatfield, Class of 1983
Gerald Hemphill, Class of 1985
Henry Jackson, Class of 1975
Morris  T. Jeffreys, Class of 1964
Robert C. King, Jr., Class of 1968
Thomas L. Marston, Class of 1970
Charles P. Martin, Jr., Class of 1960
Chad Percy, Class of 1983
Spencer Percy, Class of 2006
Blake Sundel, Class of 2011
Jeff Weatherspoon, Class of 1973
克里米. Wessel, Class of 2004

Directors Emeriti

Jack A. Adams, Class of 1952
Lewis "Kent" Carter, Class of 1966
Martin L. Ledbetter, Class of 1986
创. William J. McCaddin, Class of 1947
Donald G. Mutersbaugh, Sr., Class of 1963
Robert G. Perry, Class of 1959
Walter "Bill" Reiser, Jr., Class of 1952
Steven W. Shelton, Class of 1969

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